“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs


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About IKEA :


IKEA is not just a place to shop for affordable and stylish furniture, it's also a great place to build a career. With over 433 stores in 52 countries, IKEA offers a wide range of job opportunities for individuals at all stages of their career.

One of the key values at IKEA is sustainability. The company is committed to creating a better everyday life for people while also taking care of the planet. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in their products, operations, and workplace culture. IKEA is constantly looking for ways to reduce waste, use renewable energy sources, and promote sustainable practices. Working for a company like IKEA means being a part of a bigger mission to make the world a better place.

Innovation is another core value at IKEA. The company is always pushing boundaries and looking for new and better ways to serve their customers. This culture of innovation also extends to their employees. IKEA encourages employees to come up with new ideas and provides opportunities for them to develop their skills and grow. As an employee at IKEA, you will be encouraged to think outside the box and contribute to the company's ongoing success.

Diversity is a fundamental part of IKEA's culture. The company believes that by embracing diversity, they can create a better work environment for their employees and a better shopping experience for their customers. IKEA offers equal opportunities for all employees regardless of their background, gender, race, or age. They also have a strong focus on gender balance, with a goal to have 50/50 gender balance in leadership positions by 2022. As an employee at IKEA, you will be part of a diverse and inclusive team that celebrates individual differences.

But what kind of jobs can you find at IKEA? The answer is - almost any! From retail and logistics positions, to roles in marketing, communications, and design, there is something for everyone at IKEA. They also offer a variety of internships and trainee programs for students and recent graduates. With a strong focus on promoting from within, IKEA provides opportunities for career growth and development. Whether you are just starting your career or looking for a new challenge, IKEA has something for you.

Working for IKEA also comes with a range of employee benefits such as competitive salaries, healthcare coverage, and generous paid time off. Moreover, IKEA values work-life balance and offers flexible working arrangements to its employees.

At IKEA, the culture is not just about working hard, but also having fun. The company organizes various social events and activities for employees to connect and unwind. After all, IKEA's motto is "happy employees make happy customers".

Ready to join the IKEA family? Check out their website to view current job openings and learn more about their company culture. As you can see, IKEA offers much more than just affordable furniture - it offers a fulfilling career with a company that truly cares about its employees, customers, and the environment. So why wait? Submit your application today and become a part of the IKEA team!